Christmas is finally coming! Because of it,  you will have a great opportunity to make a good deed for those who are in need.

The children from an oncological ward are waiting to see Santa Claus and without a doubt, they want to feel a joyful Christmas atmosphere, just like you and me!

You can be their Santa this year and bring them a little gift, sing-a-long Christmas songs and have a great time!

What can you do then? What should you prepare?

- little gift (e.g some chocolate, sweets or anything you would like to give to one of the kids)

- something concerning your country (photos, characteristic object, clothes etc.), because you will have a chance to show them a little bit of your life, introduce yourself ornyour country and tell them  how YOU usually spend Christmas

- Christmas gadget - such as Santa Claus hat, Rudolf's red nose or reindeer horns feel to the spirit even more

- Lyrics - you can teach them how to sing carols or famous Christmas songs in your own language

And last but not least - good attitude and a BIG smile on your face!



15th December (Friday), exact time to be announced soon

The Institute of Mother and Child, Kasprzaka 17A, Warsaw


You have to sign up for this event below:

15/12/2017 - 16:00