Hello, everyone! :)

We have a great pleasure to invite you to The Board Games Night!

Board games have become really popular lately. And it’s totally reasonable because they are just super fun! So why don’t we play our favourite games or try new ones together?

Since it's SocialErasmus week, we decided to combine this event with food collection for „Nazaret: Dom Matki i Dziecka”. Nazaret is a place where single mothers live with their children. Here's a link if you'd like to know more: http://www.opspragapolnoc.waw.pl/

The only requirement for coming is to bring some food with you. It can be anything, from rice to canned goods. It’s important to help those people; especially that most of them are in a really bad financial or family situation.

The board games night is taking place at Klubokawiarnia Kicia Kocia! You will find there many board games and, what’s more, there are also many delicious, local dishes and drinks.

12/11/2016 - 19:00