Find a buddy at SWPS University!
1. Why should you get a buddy?
Would you like to meet a friend who will help you to kickstart your experience in a new country? Would you like to discover local culture and practice a new language?
2. Why should you become a buddy?
Would you like to meet students who are coming to our university? Would you like to help them with their first days here? Would you like to improve your language skills and promote international student exchange programs?
3. How does the progrmme work?
Broaddy is an online platform, which matches international students and local students at our university. Firstly, if you want to participate in a programme you’ll need to create an account at But don’t worry, it’s an easy step, which won’t take you more than 5 minutes. In order to register give us some information about yourself (name, hobbies, email etc.). Then, we’ll help you to meet an international student (if you are a local), or to find a local buddy (if you are abroad). Who knows, maybe it’ll be a start of an amazing friendship!
We wish you a good time and thank you for being a part of our mentorship program!