From our Erasmus experience we know, that finding a trustworthy landlord can be difficult. Warsaw offers a huge range of accommodation: student dorms, private rooms and flats. It's understandable that you might feel confused. How can you look for the accomodation of your dreams?

1. Student dorm 
SWPS University doesn't have it's own student dorms. Despite that you can apply for a place in some other university's dorms. This option is very popular among Erasmus students. Not only it's really cheap (app. 130 € per month) but also you're surrounded by amicable, young people. Sounds too perfect to be true? Well, of course there are some disadvantages. First of all, it's not always convenient since you have to share the small space with other human being. And if you're a goal orientated person, aiming to focus on your education, you might find it difficult to find the calm to study in the dorm's conditions.

2. Private flat/room
If privacy and comfort are key values for you, then renting a private room will be the best option. You can choose the best location and the standard meeting your needs. The price of a room at Warsaw can vary from 250 € to 375 € per month. Usually the owner requires you to pay the deposit worth one month rent.
Sometimes the cost of electricity, water etc. is already included in the rent, otherwise you pay the exact amount of money depending on the invoices. Read carefully the agreement: how does the accounting clearance looks like, when do you get your deposit back etc. Better be careful if a private landlord asks for payment in advance - it's always safer to see your future apartament first. We recomend bringing your Buddy with you, so he can help you sign all the agreements and ask for all the details. 

There are some Facebook groups you might find helpful:
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3. Agency
The last option combines the benefits of the previous one with the simplicity and safety. The only disadvantage is the booking fee you have to pay for your agent. On the other hand this way you provide yourself security.

If you are coming to Erasmus for Spring Semester in Warsaw, remember that you can rent apartment or room by Pepe Housing, official ESN partner for accommodation in Poland. By you can safely and easily book flat or room in most of Polish cities. 
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