If you miss the pets you left at home going on your Erasmus, if you are a dog lover, or you simply want to help some innocent creature, do not hesitate and join our event.

We are organising a set of visits in the Warsaw animal shelter to help the volunteers walk the dogs.
We want to give the animals the moment of joy and freedom, which they lack during their everyday life.
Each visit would take 3 hours, so we can walk more than just one dog during our time there. 

Volunteers working in the shelter will guide us and give us necessary instructions, so you don't have to be afraid ;) Each of the volunteer can take care of max 3 visitors, this is why we need to divide our event into couple of sets. Though, that's also an opportunity for you to visit the shelter more than once!

Interested? Just fulfill the form:
--> https://goo.gl/forms/ACnBdLs0rulkhiC23 <---

Don't be cold hearted, plan your schedule, make sure you'll come with us at least once! 
Let's make the lives of these poor dogs a bit happier!

02/04/2017 - 12:00