It's time for another Tandem meeting!

Tandem meetings are a great opportunity for you to improve your foreign language skills. You can exchange your language with the other person, therefore learn the language from a native speaker, as well as become the teacher yourself. 

Fill the form 
and let us know what language you would like to learn (or just improve). We will pair you with a person who wants to learn your language and the exchange begins!
People who already filled the form, don't have to do it again, we already have you on the list!

Also, when you come to the place, please find me (Natalia Gordon) first. It will make it easier for me to keep track of who came and who didn't and therefore, I hope this meeting will be less messy.
Please, try to be on time and don't come half through the meeting.

if you want to learn a new language,
if you want to improve a language you already know,
if you just want to meet new people and have a nice conversation over a beer, come and join us on Tuesday, 22nd of March at 7 pm in Before (Bednarska 28/30).