Ho, everyone!

Welcome, all the newcomers and Erasmus veterans!

The academic year has already started so it’s high time to get to know one another! We sincerely hope for an unforgettable and marvellous cooperation which is the main aim of our hosts. One of the finest projects you can participate in to meet new people and have pure fun is Tandem! We try our best to organize flexible meetings for you, in which you’ll have an opportunity to just spend some time with other students from abroad as well as play games, which we have prepared for you! We do know that such episodes often lead to long-lasting friendships not only between you- people from Erasmus but also with us- ESN guys. While we know one another better all of our projects become more adjusted to your needs and therefore are they taken to a higher level! Meeting amazing people makes you more amazing so let’s be amazing together!

The games/activities which we have prepared for you will remain a mystery, for now, however, you can be sure that there will be something both for the introduction and for later.

Bring with you smile on your face and the rest will come by itself.

WHEN: 4.12.17, 8 pm


COST: free

04/12/2017 - 20:00