Did you miss winter and Christmas and all this cuteness that comes with them? We have a remedy for you!

Let’s go together to the most enchanting and breath-taking place you could go to during winter time in Warsaw!

In the Royal Garden of Light, you will see beautiful light constructions that will enable you to feel like Christmas is just around the corner!

Bring your friends and camera, because it’s going to be worth it! Hopefully, it will snow, so we might as well have a snow fight afterwards! ❤

WHEN: 13.12.17

WHERE: Meeting point: bus stop Wilanów 03 (you can get there by bus 519)

COST: 5 zł

If you want to join us, please fill the form: https://goo.gl/forms/SkmKcoSqMJmsX9Et2


13/12/2017 - 18:00