Hey guys!

We’ve almost reached the brink of the amazingly colourful and very beautiful autumn season in Warsaw and winter seems to be fast approaching!

Despite the grey skies, we must not let the gloomy weather rub off on our minds! Instead, let's paint the world with vivid colours! That said, we officially introduce you to the upcoming event- bring on Mouth Painting!

So, why don’t you let your imagination run wild and get your hands on paint and brushes…

... although you won’t need your hands! Instead of using your hands, you will put the brushes in your mouth! Fun, right? So we shall see who’s the most talented Brush-in-your-mouth Painter!


Venue: Bar SZAWA

Time: 27.11.17 at 20 pm


Bring cheerful faces and your mates! We will have all the necessary stuff prepared for you! :)

ATTENTION! Please sign up for the event with the link below:


27/11/2017 - 20:00