Go to an Invisible Exhibition with ESN SWPS and learn how to obtain information exclusively through touch, hearing, scent and their sense of balance!

If you don’t speak polish – dont worry, an englishspeaking guide will be waiting for you.

Join us and be able to understand what life is like without one of the senses that provides us most of the information, to live without your sight.

You will learn how to navigate the urban hustle, how to pay for coffee at the bar, how to move around the house in total darkness, and many more…
You are gonna see the items and tools that blind people use every day : talking watch, Braille typewriter, tyflographics…
Prepare for this amazing experience and find out that the world can be still beautiful without this key sense !
At this exhibition you will be led by blind or partially sighted people on a journey that will change your mind.

Good advice – wear comfortable shoes!

A group of 8 people departs every 15 minutes. The program is approximately 90 minutes long, 15-30 minutes in the visible and about 60 minutes to an invisible trip.

For ESN SWPS first group starts visiting at 17.00, second group at 17.15 third group at 18.15 and forth group at 18.30. 

Ticket costs 19 zł for one person with student’s card. If our group will be larger than 20 people you will pay 16 zł.

MEETING POINT: Metro Centrum at 16:10 
We need to get a bit earlier to the Exhibition to pay for tickets and listen to all the necessary information

Invisible Exhibition 
Aleje Jerozolimskie 123a
Millenium Plaza building 
For any further information please contact Marlena Mężyńska : menaemem@gmail.com