Have you ever dreamed to be a star of football like Lewandowski or Messi? Do you like football? Or you want just have fun with your Erasmus friends? If your answer is yes FIFA 2017/18 game is actually for you!



1) The first step to fill your dream is signing up for FIFA 2017/18 in the form below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfc9-YvKqTO9KkHA1gY2ThECBI9RGwKMhn5ptmhPQowBTfn3A/viewform

2) Then we are going to contact all of you who signed up to get you more organisation details so wait for an answer!

3) The last step is taking part in the first FIFA tournament at SWPS University on 8.11.17 and after that... the BIG FINAL at Koźmiński University on 16.11.17 !

Are you ready? Fill up the form! The winning is waiting for you :)


FIFA17 Championships/Tournament regulations

Championship: FIFA 2017 PlayStation 4

1. The organizers of the tournament are ESN SWPS University and Santander Universidades. The organizers of Finals are ESN Kozminski and Santander Universidades.

2. Each participant of the Tournament is obliged to familiarize himself/herself with the Regulations and respect its content. Joining the competition is equivalent to acceptance of the Regulations.

3. Participation in the tournament is open to any person who is a student or employee of SWPS University of Social Science and Humanities.

4. Applications are possible through the online form. Deadline: 6.11.2017.

5. The first 16 people who sign up receive the opportunity to participate in the local tournament. They will be drawn into four groups of four from A to D in which every contestant will play every contestant. During the local tournament, there will be no overtime and the points are assigned as follows:

a. Win 3 points

b. Draw 1 point

c. Defeat 0 points

Players with the most points from the first and second place of each group play in the next round. If the players obtain the same amount of points the goals count balance will be decisive, if in this situation there will also be an overtime match between these players.

Eliminations will be held at our Uni on 08.11. 2017. Hours 18.00 - 22:00.

6. For the final competition, there will be 4 players (16.11.2017).

7. the top 3 places are awarded.

8. In matters not contained in the regulations or any dispute, the decisive person is one of the organizers.


a. The matches last for 2 x 4 minute, matches for 1st and 2nd place each 2 x 10 minutes.

b. game settings are set on default.

c. Playing with the “World XI” and the “Classic XI” is prohibited.

08/11/2017 - 18:00