SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility want to make life better for children!

So let’s give kids strength to fight their diseases together! Dream Post is a Polish charity that supports sick children all over the country by helping them receive traditional letters and cards which they love to collect. Every day, children check their mailboxes or wait for the postman expecting to receive new delivery of letters. 

All the children's profiles are registered on the main site
For ESN SWPS we chose to write a letter to 8 years old Paulina Bobrzyk who struggles with myopathy, neuropathy and bilateral hearing loss

And to 8 years old Tobiasz Nowicki who was diagnosed with leukemia
We want these two to receive lots of letters at once but you can pick any profile you want. 

Don’t hesitate to write a letter in your native langauge we will be there to help you translating your letter to Polish or to help you write a few words in Polish. We are sure children will be delighted to get letters in various languages ! 
All stuff like pens, crayons , papers, envelopes will be provided 

If you can't join us on Wednesday 18th but still want to help you can deliver your letter to Kamila Wilczyńska in Azyl Cafe SWPS at 2 floor on :
Monday 10:00 - 12:00
Tuesday 8:30 -13:45
Wednesday 8:30 – 10:15 and 13:30 – 15.30 

When? Wednesday, 18th - 18:30 
Where? SWPS University - clasroom N124

For any further information please contact Marlena Mężyńska, project coordinator