What a thrilling exhibition to see! Have you ever been curious to see what's exactly happening to our bodies as we age up?

Next week we'll have the opportunity to learn about the changes taking place in the human body - from conception through infancy, childhood, maturity, until the autumn of life. The exhibition "The Body Worlds" presents authentic human bodies and fascinating multimedia installations. All the exhibits that are on display, and there are more than 150 are true!

Please, let us know if you're coming. Since we'll have our private, english-speaking guide we need the exact number of participants.

• 23.01 (Wednesday) - 5:30pm
• Palace of Culture and Science, 4th floor

• 55 zł + you must have your student ID with you

Check also: facebook event

23/01/2019 - 17:30
55 zł
  • Everyone is invited.